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Jeffery Driver CEO, The Risk Authorty Stanford
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Introducing the Global Service Center of The Risk Authority Stanford located in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Risk Authority Stanford is a risk consulting firm breaking barriers to confront healthcare’s challenges head-on. Our creative thinking, breakthrough technology and cutting-edge solutions protect patients by reducing medical error.

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Our Three-Step Consulting Process

Innovence Pulse

Using modern Silicon Valley technology and The Risk Authority Stanford’s expertise, Innovence Pulse vastly improves the timeliness and quality of data used in risk management. Clear, easy-to-understand output is coded and modeled to the Stanford Risk Lexicon for accurate descriptions and terms that make information actionable.

Below is a diagram that demonstrates our unique process.

Our Solutions

Innovence Pulse

A risk management software system that delivers actionable, evidence-based data on demand


A scientific and structured decision-making process to determine accurate case reserves and trial strategy


A resolution program that utilizes full disclosure to reduce the cost of unexpected outcomes and protect patients


A risk management software system that delivers actionable, evidence-based data on demand.


A risk assessment tool to identify baseline factors against evidence-based best practices

Safe Patient Handling

An analysis tool to determine the optimal safe patient handling program for each client


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