The Risk Authority Stanford Opens Innovence Lab
to Pair Design Thinking and Decision Analysis

Palo Alto, Calif. (June 30, 2016)—The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) and its partners are celebrating a key advance in risk and safety management: the opening of Innovence Lab, a space where innovation meets evidence to facilitate new ways of thinking.

“We are throwing open the doors to a whole new way of designing, implementing, and improving unique, human-centered solutions in healthcare,” said Jeff Driver, CEO of TRA Stanford. “To this end, we’ve shapeda new platform called Innovence – an idea, a belief, and a methodology where innovation meets evidence.“

Innovence Lab is part of TRA Stanford’s new Innovence platform. The first of its kind in the field of risk management, this collaborative center will combine design thinking and decision analysis to enable a systematic process of growth and transformation.

           •Design thinking catalyzes the design of human-centered solutions in close consultation with patients and providers, and offers a process to monitor and track the impact of those solutions.

           •Evidence-based decision analysis is a process that provides a tested means of making high-quality decisions under uncertainty by identifying, structuring and quantifying cost and benefit variables.

Together, these complementary innovative and evidence-based methods create a cutting-edge model to inform the next generation of best practices in the field of healthcare risk management.  To conceptualize Innovence Lab, TRA Stanford partnered with the international design firm IDEO to engage in a formal process of organizational design. The team sought inspiration from comparable health care centers across the United States and gathered unique needs and opportunities from interviews with key stakeholders across Stanford Medicine. Innovence Lab will serve as a dedicated resource that works toward the ideal of zero preventable harm by providing tools, expertise and spaces for connection and collaboration among Stanford’s medical institutions and other TRA Stanford healthcare partners and clients. It will unlock the power of interdisciplinary, cross-institution problem solving by blending design thinking and decision analysis. 

About The Risk Authority Stanford

TRA Stanford is a healthcare risk management consulting firm dedicated to transforming its clients’ risk management practices with cutting-edge solutions, unrivaled expertise and quantifiable results. TRA Stanford’s origins are rooted within the Stanford University Medical Network, and it continues to provide all risk management services to the institution and its two captive insurance companies. TRA Stanford is an industry leader in the development and implementation of solutions across all dimensions of risk management, including clinical risk management and patient safety, enterprise risk management, risk financing, claims and litigation and workplace safety. For more information, visit