Effective. Professional. Assuring.

peacProfessional Exchange Assurance Company (PEAC) is a reciprocal risk retention group formed specifically to serve the physicians, allied health practitioners and nurses of the University Healthcare Alliance and Packard Children’s Health Alliance.

PEAC is managed by The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford), which also serves as its risk, claims and finance service provider, as well as its Attorney-in-Fact. TRA Stanford comprises a highly experienced team of professionals holding advanced clinical and legal degrees in risk management services.

PEAC views each and every insured member as a valued partner in our commitment to patient safety. Our vision is to be among the world’s leading professional liability insurance companies. Assurance isn’t just a part of our name, it’s the cornerstone of our program.

We are here to help. Call PEAC when you:

  • Experience a serious and unexpected adverse event.
  • Receive legal documents related to your patient care (subpoenas, summons, complaints, etc.)
  • Are contacted by an attorney or government agency regarding a patient care issue.
  • Have an insurance question.
  • Need a certificate of insurance.

For more information about PEAC, please contact The Risk Authority Stanford at 650-723-6824.

PEAC does much more than protect our insureds from losses – it uses risk management and patient safety grants to invest in our programs. These grant programs provide access to funds that may not be available through usual hospital operational budgets. From the Simulation Center to Emmi, from PARS to PEARL, these risk management and patient safety grant programs permanently provide opportunities for innovation and enhancement of patient safety efforts.