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The Risk Authority Stanford has a rich history of teaming up with global partners to enrich and improve the practice of risk management.
As the industry continues to change, our commitment to sharing ideas for the benefit of patients worldwide will stand firm.

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Working Together to Change Healthcare for the Better


The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) is the risk management service provider for Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health, as well as Stanford University School of Medicine. TRA Stanford also manages all aspects of SUMIT Insurance Company, Ltd. (SUMIT), a Bermuda-based captive insurance company, and Professional Exchange Assurance Company (PEAC), a Hawaii-domiciled class 3 reciprocal risk retention group. TRA Stanford provides risk management services to SUMIT and PEAC in these primary areas: insurance management, loss control and education, risk analytics, and claims and litigation. TRA Stanford is also the Attorney-in-Fact for PEAC.





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