John Littig

John Littig

Speaking, sponsoring, exhibiting, authoring, underwriting meeting, underwriting meeting, underwriting meeting and regulator checkup…all in less than 72 hours of the Bermuda Captive Conference for The Risk Authority.


Bermuda Captive Conference

Jeff Driver, Andrew Azan and I braved weekend travel, red eyes and a stingy customs agency (I promise, they are just brochures!) to work and enjoy a fantastic conference.


Jeff delivered an inspiring message for healthcare captives to respond to the challenge of healthcare reform with innovation and forward thinking. If you have formed an ACO, might form an ACO or are participating in an ACO, your risk finance program should conduct a ground up analysis of what risk financing the ACO needs now and in the future – your current program may be able to absorb the current risks but for how long?


Bermuda offers the unique value of a leading captive domicile and global insurance and reinsurance market. This ability to combine efforts makes for an impactful few days of meetings, networking, and, okay, a little sun and beach. Thanks Bermuda and we’ll be back next year!


By: John Littig

John currently serves as the Chief Finance and Underwriting Officer of The Risk Authority – Stanford, as well as the Vice President of Risk Finance of Stanford University Medical Center. John has more than 11 years of experience as a health care risk finance professional with experience creating and operating self-insurance trusts, reciprocal risk retention groups, direct issue captives, as well as domestic and offshore captives. John is responsible for procuring and maintaining all property and casualty coverages for the Stanford University Medical Center.