Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) promise to reduce liability costs, promote a culture of safety and provide a vehicle for disclosure and healing between providers and patients after a medical error. Over the past decade, several CRPs have been pioneered and studied at leading medical centers, with promising results.


On Thursday, February 26th, 2015, The Risk Authority will bring together three leading voices in the field – a health law scholar, a doctor, and a patient, to discuss:

  • Have CRPs delivered on their promise? What does the data show?
  • What best practices have emerged?
  • What challenges need to be overcome?
  • What resources are available to institutions interested in exploring or strengthening CRP’s?


We invite you to participate in this important event and gain insights and solutions into the critical aspects of communication and resolution programs.


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Our featured experts:


Michelle M. Mello, JD, PhD, MPhil

Professor, Stanford Law School

Professor, Health Research and Policy,

Stanford University School of Medicine


Gallagher 2Thomas H. Gallagher, MD

Professor of Medicine and Associate Chair

University of Washington


Leilani2Leilani Schweitzer

Patient Liaison

The Risk Authority – Stanford



Moderated by:


Elaine Ziemba, MHA, JD

Vice President of Risk Consulting

The Risk Authority – Stanford