Simon Mawer

Simon Mawer, LLB

On November 2, 2016, the Innovence Lab hosted a high-impact design thinking challenge for leaders in the patient safety, quality, insurance, and risk management space. A design thinking challenge is a highly interactive learning experience where participants take on a difficult healthcare problem and are lead through the human-centered design process to solve it. 

By the end of the day, participants learned how to discover the latent needs of patients and providers using ethnographic research techniques, how to turn insights into generative questions, how to effectively brainstorm and generate ideas, and how to bring concepts to life through rapid prototyping.  At the end of the day, each group presented a “pitch” and role-play of their idea, and explored how their concept could be tested and refined in the real world.

“This experience has reminded me of what my job should be about –

understanding users and solving their problems rather than our own!”

–Healthcare association executive

Our five participating groups generated important new ideas about holistic, person-based considerations (such as social, family, finance, values, preferences, etc) becoming part of the informed consent process and the potential of leveraging emerging and future technologies to connect patients with reliable information about risks, benefits, and alternatives, and connecting patients to a community of people who have “been there” before. Participants left inspired and equipped to use design approaches to serve the end-users in their world.

I loved the interaction and problem solving.

Let’s talk about how we can have you do this at our hospital”  

–Quality Improvement Leader

In 2017, we’ll be hosting design workshops across the U.S. and exploring how we can bring these methods into other healthcare institutions to solve their most pressing challenges. If you are interested in attending one of our workshops, please contact us.

By: Simon Mawer, LLB

Simon Mawer is the Assistant Vice President of Risk Management for The Risk Authority Stanford as well as Program Manager of Risk Management Loss Controls and Education for Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health.

With a unique background in litigation, design thinking and decision science, Simon is a strategic planning and execution expert. His ability to conceptualize, to drill down and to provide empathetic insights is what allows him to innovate in the healthcare space. He serves as the design lead for the newly established Innovence™ Lab, where he leads interdisciplinary frontline teams from across the Stanford ecosystem to work on patient safety challenges with the tools of human-centered design.

Prior joining TRA Stanford, Simon practiced as a solicitor in personal injury and commercial litigation in Australia and Europe. He received his Bachelor of Laws and Graduate Certificate of Legal Practice from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is admitted as a lawyer to the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Simon also holds a Certificate in Strategic Decisions and Risk Management from Stanford University.