Occupy Healthcare: Preparing for Social Unrest

The global financial crisis and public uproar over economic inequality has set the stage for social unrest. While most healthcare organizations are perhaps accustomed to labor union protests and demonstrations, many may not be prepared for the budding Occupy movement. This movement has expanded to numerous American cities and college campuses, and is now slowly surfacing in healthcare.

This webinar will address how social unrest via the Occupy movement has tested city governments and academic organizations, and how it might test the response of healthcare facilities. Specifically, this webinar will explore the various and unique challenges facing healthcare organizations in addressing social unrest, developing sustainable enterprise risk management plans and policies for preparation and response from a variety of expert perspectives.


Colin Bucks, MD, Interim Medical Director, Office of Emergency Management, Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Kenneth Dueker, JD, Director of Emergency Services for the City of Palo Alto
Ben Garston, Underwriting Partner, Managing Agency Partners Ltd, London, England
Margaret Russell, JD, JSM, Professor of Law, Santa Clara University School of Law


Dana Orquiza, RN, BSN, JD, Director, Risk Management, The Risk Authority

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