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Teaming Up for Transformation

Partners in Risk Management Solutions


From the rollout of new regulations to the impact of the Francis Inquiry into, the United Kingdom has experienced significant changes in its healthcare system. Inspired by the reform’s pursuit of excellence, The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) and Lockton UK have formed a strategic alliance to help provide revolutionary risk management solutions across healthcare organizations to reduce risk, create value and keep patients safe from harm.

Most recently, in October 2014, TRA Stanford participated in Lockton’s inaugural Healthcare Conference, aimed at inspiring safe care. TRA’s CEO Jeffrey Driver presented “Inspiring Clinical Safety Excellence — Owning and Accounting for Clinical Risk Across the Board to Influence Culture” to more than 70 delegates. The partnership has already proved itself to be successful and galvanizing, enabling collaborative out-of-the-box thinking to address the complex issues within today’s U.K. healthcare environment. Together, Lockton UK and TRA Stanford will work toward improving the quality of healthcare and patient safety around the world.

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