The release of Innovence Pulse Risk Identification is almost here! Our team has been working hard to finalize our simple-to-use new software. But we don’t just want to give you yet another project platform – we want to change the day-to-day tasks of managing risk.

The following Q and A with our product manager opened up a conversation about how Innovence Pulse can impact your practices, organize your data, and save you valuable time.

Who is Innovence Pulse for?

Innovence Pulse has been specifically designed for managers of risk. We wanted to find a way to make our jobs more efficient and streamlined while keeping the platform and information clear and concise. This way we can spend less time putting out fires and more time coming up with ways to prevent harm and keep people safe.

How will this make the job easier for risk managers?Pulse blog image

Risk Identification is a first of its kind risk management analytic and reporting system that is going to help its users excel at their jobs.  All the heavy lifting is done behind the scenes, allowing the user to spend more time proactively managing risk and increasing patient safety.  Behind the scenes, Risk Identification utilizes natural language processing and machine learning to classify and identify your risk.  Imagine the same technology that’s being used for self-driving cars, that’s keeping your inbox free of junk mail, and that’s mapping the human genome – only now, it’s being used on your risk data.

With machine learning, we are able to do in seconds what it would take a human years to do.  And this is just the beginning.  The beauty of Risk Identification is that the user doesn’t need to have an advanced degree in engineering or mathematics because all the work is already done.  The user is presented with an easy to use and intuitive interface, as well as incisive reports that highlight the information that matters most.  The goal is to allow the user to work more efficiently and effectively.  Finally, the users are provided with a complete picture of their past, current, and emerging risks because the system allows us to handle multiple, disparate data sets, such as claims, incidents, peer-review, and complaints with no additional data entry from the user.

What are some of the major issues Innovence Pulse has been designed to tackle?

So often, we are left with outdated data, which can make taking effective action difficult. So how can we track emerging risks and monitor their progression? Innovence Pulse’s Risk Identification automates the early detection system for urgent problems by continually analyzing multiple patient care and operational data streams as they develop. By collecting simultaneous data sets in real time, the Risk Identification software module improves the timeliness and quality of data used in risk management decisions. It offers managers of risk a modern technology for more accuracy and control over their business.

What will this mean in terms of big picture and long term advantage?

The biggest long term advantage is the ability to spot trends and to benchmark progress. The sooner we can address an event, the less impact it will have. The more we can see the trends, the better actions we can take to prevent them, and thus prevent future harm. Simply put, the big picture is that by collecting all the details of an event as soon as possible, we can take quicker and more effective action, reducing costs and saving lives.

Why is this something risk managers can’t live without?

Our program has been designed to do something brand new in the healthcare risk management field. First, the Risk Identification module significantly broadens and automates the risk identification process; second, it organizes risk in an intuitive framework that allows comparisons across multiple data sets over time, and even across institutions; finally, it enables and encourages risk managers to proactively manage risk with an easy to use interface and dashboards (which have been developed through the principles of human-centered design). It is literally real-time actionable data at your fingertips – from the frontline to leadership, everyone is on the same page. Which means decisions can be made quickly and efficiently to act in the best interest of everyone.

The goal of Innovence Pulse is to address the entire life cycle of risk management, starting with risk identification and eventually adding the ability to assess, evaluate, mitigate, and monitor risk. We will continue to add more modules and features specific to the needs of risk managers, and we’re very excited to see it in use. We’ll be reaching out to our users to see what they think about how it can be improved, and how we can further design the software to suit their specific needs.