The Vision


The Innovence Lab at The Risk Authority Stanford is a bold and ground-breaking initiative to foster collaboration, innovation and inspiration.

Our goal is to aim towards zero harm by leveraging the Stanford ecosystem and a unique process, creating impact both inside the walls  of Stanford and beyond.

With the creation of the Innovence Lab, members of the healthcare community can work together in a thriving space where medical and risk management capabilities can grow and evolve.

Our Key Processes


Using the tools of design to create new solutions.


Using analytical methods to make high-quality decisions.

The Purpose

The Innovence Lab is designed to reveal opportunities to reinvent the assessment, understanding and mitigation of risks. This new thinking points the way to systemic, human-centered and data-validated solutions that have eluded all previous resolution efforts. The Innovence Lab will become the standard by which all  future risk management achievements are measured.

The Space

The Lab’s functional design facilitates collaboration ideation in addressing the most thorny and financially-significant management challenges in the field of medicine and beyond. Physicians, nurses, patients, data-scientists, designers, improvers, risk managers, and administrators work together to reimagine risk strategy, redesign approaches for healthcare delivery, and create impact that can be expressed in human and financial terms.

Cross-discipline teams are using this innovation space to develop solutions for:

  • Improving teamwork in the operating room
  • Supporting patients after medical mistakes
  • Preventing adverse drug events
  • Enhancing clinical workflows
  • Reducing employee injuries,
  • Supporting clinician wellness
  • Developing system-wide risk and quality improvement strategies

The Approach

Grounded in data and inspired by people, our work touches every domain of healthcare risk. We call our approach “Discovery Design.” Discovery Design flows through eight broadly defined phases, starting with how to select a project, and ending with how to scale and spread solutions. Each phase has its own steps, which guide and propel our projects forward. You can read more about the details of our approach in Discovery Design.

Why Participate

The idea behind a central hub is to merge medical insight with the classic tools of risk management while also integrating cutting-edge design thinking with the rigor of decision analytics. Through workshops, hackathons, training, and other collaborative sessions, we are training a host of healthcare innovators across the globe in how to adopt the thinking and methods necessary to create real impact.

  • Become a force behind real change that will help save lives and prevent injuries.
  • Connect and collaborate with passionate thought-leaders across a variety of disciplines.
  • Advance your teamwork and communication skills.
  • Gain access to state-of-the-art medical and risk management tools and processes.

If you're interested in participating in one of our Design Thinking sessions