A Brand New Suite of Tools

Innovence Pulse, the latest advancement in risk management software from The Risk Authority Stanford.


Innovence™ Pulse is software designed by The Risk Authority Stanford to give modern risk management innovators more accuracy and control over their business. It’s a tool that collects and analyzes empirical data in real time, allowing users to monitor the results and ROI on their risk investments.

The only software that matches your schedule, your work life and your demands. Innovence Pulse brings world-class solutions right to your fingertips with an expanding suite of tools to cover every facet of risk management. Whatever your challenge, Innovence Pulse has the software to match:


Risk Identification

Stay one step ahead of risks with actionable data on demand.

Safety Observer

Increase compliance and savings with established safety programs.


Determine accurate liability loss reserves and comprehensive claim strategies.

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Don't Be Shy

Innovence Pulse is available for download and is optimized for use across a variety of platforms.
What are you waiting for? The next phase in risk management software is here.