To change Risk Management what are you willing to risk?

The field of risk management is brimming with often-untapped potential to reenergize health systems; to generate actionable risk intelligence; to enable faster adaptation of targeted solutions; to mitigate loss and create value; and to reduce harm and improve patient safety and engagement.

So it’s time to abandon the status quo. It’s time to take a new path to escalate innovation in our risk and safety ecosystems. Inside Looking Up champions innovation as the catalyst to transforming the healthcare industry – and risk management in particular – into a proactive, predictive, and dynamic force. It explores how innovation in risk management strategies can drive change and improve healthcare systems, organizations, and even outcomes.

By comparing the landscape of healthcare to the inspirational film Field of Dreams, Inside Looking Up discusses who can be an innovator, why it matters, and offers a powerful example of how listening to and acting on the call for change can achieve greater heights of success than ever imagined.

Inside Looking Up:
Inspiring Innovative Escalation
in Healthcare Risk & Safety Ecosystems

Inside Looking Up focuses on the role of innovation within the context of managing risk in healthcare.


The book explores how innovators in risk and safety management can approach innovation with energy while remaining thoughtful and careful as they manage the uncertainty that comes with change. It invites risk managers to inform and enhance traditional practices with new approaches; to integrate creative solutions with evidence based methodologies in order to make risk managing strategies stronger and more reliable.

It’s time to usher in a new dawn of healthcare risk management in which the care and safety of patients is true north, and innovation is the compass that will guide the way.

The biggest risk you’ll ever take is not taking the risk to innovate.

“In reality, this book has something for everyone. It says, “Even if you don’t know what you can achieve, if you focus on the right things and start asking the right questions, you can make a difference.” —

Geri Amori

PhD, ARM, CPHRM, DFASHRM VP, Academic Affairs, Coverys

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Jeffrey F. Driver


Author and Editor


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Renée Bernard


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Lorri Zipperer

Author and Editor

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– George Bernard Shaw 1949