ASHRM is around the corner, and with it comes the launch of several new TRA Stanford offerings. Specifically, we will be introducing 2 new publications! Discovery Design: Charting New Directions in Healthcare Improvement and Innovence RiskScape: A Digital Practice Academy for Strategic Risk Management and Safety Excellence. Here’s a sneak peek from a Q and A with the editors of RiskScape.

RiskScape Q and A

Q: What is RiskScape about?

A: Risk Management opportunities to catalyze action, cultivate patient safety, and launch a system of evidence-based management.


Q: Why has it been created / what is the need it fulfills?

A: To guide motivated leaders and managers of risk on a mission to zero harm. To offer them the methods, tools, and process advancements to achieve success in their own unique environment.


Q: Who is RiskScape for / who is the audience?

For anyone with a vision of dynamic healthcare organizations, proactive risk strategies, and enduring commitments to patient care and safety.


Q: How will RiskScape be used?

A: It can be used to help assess and refine current risk strategies, improve day-to-day work, and promote learning and design of new programs. It will be available as both a physical binder system as well as a virtual guide.


Q: What makes RiskScape relevant/important?

A: Risk management is an often-overlooked partner in healthcare improvement and patient safety. But with risk management in a position to understand enterprise-wide needs and opportunities, healthcare organizations can proactively address emerging challenges, create organizational value, and, most importantly, save lives.


Q: What makes RiskScape distinct from TRA’s first book Inside Looking Up?

A: Inside Looking Up is about inspiring action. RiskScape is really about giving readers the specific methodologies and structure needed to take action.


Q: What is unique about RiskScape?

A: RiskScape approaches the role of risk management as a multidimensional and collaborative avenue for healthcare improvement, emphasizing the four tiers of the Stanford Risk Management System – leadership and commitment to justice, standardizing risk identification and assessment, exercising evidence-based science, and catalyzing innovation.


Learn more about our new publications this week at Booth #517. See you there!