The Risk Authority Stanford and Medicine X to host

the first ever Patient Safety Design Challenge!


Treatment discussions often culminate in a hasty signature on a consent form; however, authorizations to treat do not guarantee that patients have consented with sufficient knowledge or meaningful understanding. Indeed, the evidence suggests that existing informed consent processes do not adequately serve physicians in meeting either their legal or ethical obligations.

On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, The Risk Authority Stanford and Medicine X will hold a special day-long event that will explore how patients, providers and industry professionals can use the tools and processes of Design Thinking to unlock and inspire innovation, working towards achieving perfect clinical care outcomes without preventable harm.

This one-day interdisciplinary workshop will consist of interactive sessions, panel discussions and keynote addresses to examine a complex stakeholder issue in health care: the informed consent process. Participants will engage with experts in Design Thinking, patient safety, decision science, and patient-provider experience to explore new methods of addressing and overcoming barriers to patient safety.

During the workshops, the participants and their team will experience the whole design process, inspired by the real needs of patients and providers:

Learn about the unmet needs of patients and providers in the consent process using qualitative research techniques

Synthesize new insights into actionable problem statements Ideate: Brainstorm a huge number of fresh ideas inspired by real patient and provider end users,  selecting the most promising for design

Learn how to build and test your ideas through rapid prototyping


The keynote sessions will explore:

  • How might we bring together patients, providers and industry to advance patient safety?
  • How is design being used to advance patient safety in health care across the United States?
  • What are the biggest challenges patients and providers face in addressing patient safety?
  • What are the biggest opportunity areas for making healthcare safety for all?

The workshop’s small size ensures that those attending the session will gain a personalized perspective and practical insight. The diverse audience provides a wellspring of knowledge in which to learn, contribute, and forge new relationships. Tools of Design Thinking will be presented and practiced in small teams, with the involvement of patients, caregivers and physicians.

Don’t miss your chance to engage in this unique interdisciplinary pre-conference event!

Space is extremely limited and spots are filling fast.

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