The Risk Authority Stanford Announces the Release of its

2015 Medical Malpractice Trend Review


The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) is pleased to present the 42nd edition of its Medical Malpractice Trend Review. The Review is an annual retrospective study of significant hospital and medical professional liability verdict and settlement trends across the United States of America.

Much of the information that has been developed and tracked over the span of almost four decades remains intact and is contained within the 2015 review. Historically, TRA Stanford has studied verdicts and settlements in California that exceed $1 million dollars. TRA Stanford continued the same study in California and expanded the scope to include verdicts and settlements across the nation that exceed $5 million dollars.

In the coming year, TRA Stanford will be announcing, some exciting new enhancements to the 43rd edition of the Review that will enable even more insight into large loss malpractice cases in California and across the nation. TRA looks forward to producing future editions of the Medical Malpractice Trend Review as part of The Risk Authority Stanford’s overall mission to innovate, advocate and protect.

Any comments or questions can be sent to Visit to download a free copy of the Review.

About The Risk Authority Stanford

The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) is an innovative healthcare risk management consulting firm dedicated to transforming their clients’ risk management practices with cutting-edge solutions, unrivaled expertise and quantifiable results. TRA Stanford’s origins are rooted within the Stanford University Medical Network, as it continues to provide all risk management services to the institution and its two captive insurance companies. TRA Stanford is an industry leader in the development and implementation of ground-breaking solutions across all dimensions of risk management, including: clinical risk management, enterprise risk management, clinical effectiveness and patient safety, risk financing, claims and litigation and workplace safety.