Professional & General Liability

PHLIP SP is a group captive insurance program, providing an affordable solution for the professional and general liability exposures of South Carolina’s not-for-profit healthcare providers. Group self-insurance has proven to be the lowest cost alternative over time, while providing economies of scale, specialized risk management and claims administration services and better outcomes.

Palmetto Healthcare Liability Insurance Program (PHLIP) was founded in 2001 in response to the growing need for a stable source for professional and general liability insurance for South Carolina hospitals and health systems. Operating as a Risk Purchasing Group pursuant to the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986, PHLIP serves its members by providing access to group self-insurance options as an alternative to commercial insurance. PHLIP currently offers its members group self-insurance alternatives for healthcare professional & general liability and medical stop-loss coverage.

PHLIP’s liability program was established in 2001 and is offered through its wholly-owned subsidiary, PHLIP Segregated Portfolio (PHLIP SP), which operates as a segregated portfolio within Preferred Healthcare Liability Insurance Program SPC (PHLIP SPC), a Cayman Islands-domiciled class B insurer. PHLIP SPC is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of PHLIP.

PHLIP SP is a leading provider of liability insurance to the state’s healthcare industry. Its focus on patient safety, coupled with specialized risk management services, emphasis on prompt event reporting, early resolution, and superior claims administration, ensures that its members have the best possible solution for their liability reduction needs. Liability claims administration, underwriting, and risk management services are provided to members of PHLIP SP under a contract with The Risk Authority and through business alliances with other best practices companies.

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