Decision Analysis Reserve Targeting

The DART Process:

  • Provides a comprehensive and early assessment of the exposure in each case.
  • Gives simple and structured guidance for setting an accurate reserve.
  • Offers a clear picture for understanding and communicating potential risks and issues.
  • Presents extensive, defensible insight into the reserve-setting process.
  • Leverages the strengths of decision-makers while addressing potential biases.
  • Utilizes proprietary TRA software.
  • Delivers a cost-effective solution that can pay for itself after just one critical case.

Is there a better way to set a more accurate case reserve?

The answer is YES:

DART takes the guesswork out of determining liability loss reserves by using hands-on expertise backed by decision analysis. It’s a process first developed and successfully applied in-house at Stanford University Medical Network and is now being offered to you by The Risk Authority.

Most case-reserving strategies look at the big picture and fail to quantify how each specific detail impacts case value. No two cases are alike and case-reserve strategies that are based on historical experience and jury verdicts can miss the mark … badly.

DART is a dependable, consistent approach that will lend confidence to the reserve- setting process. DART accounts for all of the variables as well as how they interact, giving your organization a more accurate reserve and greater peace of mind.

A Delicate Balance:

Over-reserving needlessly restricts limited resources while under-reserving can negatively impact the bottom line of the entire organization. With so much time, money and the health of the self-insurance program at stake, determining the amount held in reserve needs a real solution, not an educated guess.

The DART process casts a wide net to gather all relevant information about your specific case: facts of the case, veracity of witnesses, expert opinions, applicable laws and any other information that may impact the ultimate claim value..

DART bolsters the experience and expertise of claim handlers by guiding them through a structured decision-making process.

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