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Pioneering Transformation

Through research, critical thought, and collaboration, we pioneer excellence. We poke and pry with a purpose—because learning and transformation go hand in hand.

Inspiration + Evidence

With the aid of experts across the globe, we find inspiration and collect evidence for innovation to take wing and transform the future of risk management. By learning all we can, refusing to accept the status quo, and committing ourselves to growth, we can reduce risk, create value, and most importantly, save lives.

Connect to Current Projects

This is a channel to connect you to TRA’s ongoing efforts to develop and design innovative methodologies that balance the need for evidence with the creativity of innovation. Here you will find our most current projects and materials that support them.


Coming Soon:

P4P2 – Join us as we apply our unique clinical risk management system to 10 healthcare organizations across two countries.

SUMIT grants – Learn everything you need to know about research we have funded, the grant application process, and SUMIT grants

Current Projects – Follow our ongoing projects, state of the art program designs, and collaborative efforts to move healthcare towards zero harm.

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