Complete risk management. Anytime. Anywhere.

Now, monitoring your entire risk profile
is as easy as checking your email.  


Introducing Innovence™ Pulse: Risk Identification, from The Risk Authority Stanford

Next generation software that turns mountains of risk management information into actionable data on demand.

The Best of Stanford and Silicon Valley

Innovence Pulse is the first-of-its-kind analytic software that will:

• Collect, combine and organize results across disparate data sets
• Compare data over time and across institutions
• Prioritize the results that matter to you, your board and your underwriters
• Enable shared analysis with other Innovence Pulse subscribers
• Allow you to take immediate action to prevent unnecessary losses and costs

You now have Total Control

Innovence Pulse is a modern, proactive approach to risk management:

• On-demand access means your risk profile is always at your fingertips
• The most important information is displayed in an easy-to-understand format
• The software requires no additional data entry and no PHI will leave your system
• Receive updates as often as you’d like

Putting Data into Action

Using modern Silicon Valley technology and The Risk Authority Stanfords’s expertise, Innovence Pulse vastly improves the timeliness and quality of data used in risk management. Clear, easy-to-understand output is coded and modeled to the Stanford Risk Lexicon for accurate descriptions and terms that make information actionable. With analysis happening in real-time, users can monitor the ROI of their risk investments, spot trends and take preventative measures to stop potential losses before they happen.

On the Go

Easy-to-understand dashboards put control at your fingertips.

Real Time

Disparate data sets are collected and analyzed in real time.



Accurately described claims and incidents make information actionable.

Take control of your entire risk profile, anytime, anywhere.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Innovence Pulse has revolutionized risk management analysis by combining three powerful innovations:

• The Stanford Risk Lexicon: a coding taxonomy developed by clinicians from Stanford Health Care

• Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning

• User Interface and Dashboards built using Human-Centered Design

What do I get with the software?

Innovence Pulse Risk Identification includes:

• Installation & Setup assistance

• Initial Data Analysis and Dashboard Setup assistance

• Ongoing Use and on-demand data updates

• Monthly User Webinar

• Quarterly data discussion with TRA Stanford risk experts

• Software License

Is it secure?

Innovence Pulse was designed to require no additional data entry or allow any PHI to leave your system.

• You control the password

• You control the data you want to see

• You control how often your results are updated

• Everything is delivered to your secure website

How is pricing structured?

Along with a setup fee, there are three flexible pricing tiers to match the optimum range of your risk profile:

• Base – Up to three data streams, up to five users

• Mid-Level – Three to five data streams, up to ten users

• Enterprise – More than five data streams

Don't Be Shy

Innovence Pulse is available for download and is optimized for use across a variety of platforms.
What are you waiting for? The next phase in risk management software is here.