Jeff Driver

Jeff Driver

The Risk Authority is pleased to announce the launch of our new patient and consumer website: Risk Management for Me.

Risk Management for Me


The goal of our new website is to help patients, consumers and our community understand what risk management means to them, and how they can engage in their health, safety and care in an effective and meaningful way. This site will be filled with practical tips and information with frequent blog updates and helpful resource links.


The Risk Authority is all about keeping patients safe and finding ways to make medical systems better. We’re dedicated to this cause and we sincerely hope that you find the information collected on this site helpful and easy to understand.


By: Jeff Driver, CEO

Jeff currently serves as the chief executive officer of The Risk Authority and as the chief risk officer of Stanford University Medical Center. Jeff has more than 25 years of experience as a risk management professional and has managed the enterprise risk in community, tertiary, and academic medical centers. A frequent speaker and author on risk management issues, Jeff has expertise in incorporating and managing subsidiary insurance companies, assuring organization corporate compliance, claims and litigation management, patient safety and loss control, employment practices consulting, and the development, reorganization, and implementation of alternate risk financing programs.