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How do we combat the complex factors of medical error and the related thousands of pinpoints of data and causation? How do we manage the expectations of hospital leadership while sustaining innovation as a driving force of momentum? RiskScape is, in part, our answer about how to tackle these challenges by taking readers through the academics, experiences, and process advancements we use in our everyday work at TRA Stanford.

Not the Average Book


RiskScape is not a book. Rather, it’s a system of knowledge for today’s multi-media, multi-style learners. It is based on experience and rooted in academia, a practice academy for excellence that will take readers through risk and safety management the TRA Stanford way.

RiskScape is presented in both a conventional binder format and an interactive online platform. It is a cumulative progression of what we’re learning and doing at TRA Stanford. As we continue to learn, grow, and transform our own practices, RiskScape too will continue to evolve and mature along with us. Readers will stay updated through both a physical and electronic version subscription service.

There are three levels of RiskScape: core, accelerated, and innovative, offering information for every reader regardless of experience. From novice beginners to seasoned experts and all those in between, RiskScape guides readers through innovative cross-discipline advancements and methods for enhancing and transforming risk management practice.



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“RiskScape is a testament to TRA Stanford’s openness, transparency, and honesty as demonstrated by their willingness to share creative and innovative solutions to complicated risk issues. I applaud their efforts!”

—Roberta L. Carroll, RN, ARM, MBA, CPCU, DFASHRM, DSA

Enterprise Risk Management Consultant

Meet the Editors

Jeffrey F. Driver

Jeffrey F. Driver


Author and Editor


Kristin Driver

Kristin Driver


Author and Editor

RiskRegion Contributors

Communication and Resolution Programs

Abdul Hamamsy,
Leilani Schweitzer
Cheryl De Kleine, Esq.

Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management

Ed Hall, MS, CSP
Caroline Bell,

Risk Finance, Reserves, and Analytics

Veronique Grenon, FCAS, MAAA
John Littig BA, ARM,
Randall Smith

Methods of Innovation

Simon Mawer, LLB. GCLP
Andrew Azan

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is not to stop questioning.” 

—Albert Einstein