Process for Early Assessment, Resolution and Learning

How do we handle a tough situation in the best way possible?

It is a well-documented reality that the current healthcare industry has its challenges. Change is happening, but change is sometimes slow. What can quickly change is how we behave when faced with adverse outcomes and dissatisfied patients and families.

There is a way to manage unexpected outcomes with honesty, dignity and respect. There is a way to provide the answers that patients and caregivers really need. And there is a way to do this while reducing risk and claim costs.

The way is PEARL – the Process for Early Assessment, Resolution and Learning.

PEARL is the leading disclosure and offer program in the nation, and The Risk Authority Stanford is proud to work with other institutions to implement its beneficial solutions.

It’s a program first developed and successfully applied in-house at Stanford University Medical Network and is now being offered to you by The Risk Authority Stanford.


The Mechanics of PEARL
PEARL is one of The Risk Authority Stanford’s signature solutions. PEARL works by:

  • Providing around-the-clock telephone consultation concerning outcomes.
  • Training PEARL Risk & Claims Advisors to provide consultation within approved insurance company protocols.
  • Embracing and building upon the existing hospital disclosure policy.
  • Instituting rapid initial assessments to determine whether or not a case is a preventable unanticipated outcome.

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