Stanford Transformative Assessments of Risk

How can I improve my loss prevention methods?

The art of risk management lies in surveying the healthcare landscape, paying close attention to signals and red flags, and focusing on preventing losses before they happen. A Stanford Transformative Assessment of Risk (STAR) from The Risk Authority Stanford (TRA Stanford) is an effective tool that bolsters this process, helping risk managers identify potential trouble spots and intervene quickly and successfully. Transforming the typical reactive risk management model to a proactive system can unlock your additional potential.

STAR is a proprietary service developed by TRA Stanford in our work serving as the risk management division of the Stanford University Medical Network. We’re proud to now offer these exciting tools to hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Stanford Transformative Assessment of Risk is a three-step process:

  1. The process begins with interviews of key stakeholders and a data request of the critical area. The STAR will identify your baseline (current state) of several domains against national best practices.
  2. TRA Stanford will then work with you to define specific targets for your system, focusing energy on the domains in need of immediate attention.
  3. Your organization receives comprehensive results that include mutually agreed-upon recommendations, observations and a detailed attack plan.

Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits:

A Stanford Transformative Assessment of Risk was developed to meet the highest standards of the Stanford University Medical Network. This guarantees that every health system in your organization has access to the same world-class risk management expertise.

The Risk Authority Stanford can conduct a STAR in any area of your healthcare system.



Uses evidence-based best practices. May be paid for by risk management grants from insurers or your captive. Is cost-effective and can pay for themselves after preventing just one claim. Is a great tool to satisfy your insurers.

Examples of specialty areas where TRA Stanford can conduct a STAR include:

  • Obstetrics
  • Emergency medicine
  • Surgical services
  • Physician networks
  • Multi-specialty hospital systems
  • ERM readiness
  • Clinical Risk Management