Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management

How do I take my Risk Management Program to the next level?

Risk management decisions are difficult.

There is a constant struggle to “prove the negative,” whether that means convincing senior leadership to invest in risk mitigation strategies or proposing new steps to help the parent company. The impacts of those decisions can play out over many years, or even decades. To help your company make solid, informed decisions that stand the test of time, you need the proper tools at your disposal.

VDERM is Value-Driven Enterprise Risk Management by The Risk Authority Stanford. It gives you the tools to measure the value and cost of risk decisions in actionable business terms.

A Clear, Complete Solution:

For many companies, selecting a risk management strategy has been a disappointing series of missed opportunities and unkept promises.


The purpose of VDERM is to identify clear action. VDERM provides a rigorous analytical framework to measure the value of proposed solutions, including the costs of doing nothing. It provides a business case analysis communicated with modern decision analysis tools that clearly outline the cost and value drivers relative to your business issue.

VDERM is a business process for making high-quality risk decisions that consider both the up – and downside of the risks and opportunities facing an organization by:

  • Establishing a value framework
  • Developing alternatives or options for action
  • Evaluating those alternatives using decision analysis and stochastic modeling
  • Recommending specific action

A Confident Investment:
The Risk Authority Stanford can begin with a VDERM pilot program to help your organization better understand and take advantage of its benefits. And because VDERM can be scaled for small decisions or organization-defining ones, there’s always a solution to fit your exact needs. You just have to take that first step toward risk management evolution.