Jeff Driver, Esq.

Jeff Driver, Esq.

We couldn’t be more pleased that The Risk Authority Stanford has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as a gold standard for communication and resolution programs (CRPs). In an article that explores our PEARL program (Process for Early Assessment, Resolution, and Learning) Laura Landro discusses the benefits of communication and resolution programs for health care systems that strive to keep patients at the center of their vision.

In the accompanying video, she explains how programs like PEARL work as a way to investigate adverse events, show patients empathy and offer compensation when appropriate, and otherwise make them whole.

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By: Jeff Driver, CEO

Jeff has more than 25 years of experience as a risk management professional and has managed the enterprise risk in community, tertiary, and academic medical centers. A frequent speaker and author on risk management issues, Jeff has expertise in incorporating and managing subsidiary insurance companies, assuring organization corporate compliance, claims and litigation management, patient safety and loss control, employment practices consulting, and the development, reorganization, and implementation of alternate risk financing programs.

Jeff currently serves as the chief executive officer of The Risk Authority Stanford, and as the chief risk officer of Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health. Before joining Stanford, he was chief risk officer and director of regulatory advocacy at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.